Chicken-keeping classes at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Sign up for a series of three classes (or pick and choose) at the Botanic Garden. I’m offering the following:

Raising Backyard Chickens Saturday, 6/4, 11am – 1pm

This class is designed for curious folks who are considering getting chickens, as well as for those who already have their own birds. Learn how to raise chicks, care for adult birds, and keep your neighbors happy!

Chicken Coop Basics Saturday, 6/4, 2 – 4pm

This class addresses what you need to know about building a safe and comfortable home for your hens. You’ll learn the basic needs of backyard birds. Find out the essential components of a coop, things to avoid when choosing construction materials, important construction tips, and see different coop styles. (Chicken-keeping class is a prerequisite.)

Summer Chicken Care Saturday, 6/11, 1 – 3pm

Many people worry about their birds getting through the winter. However, heat and humidity can also be rough for a chicken. How do chickens cool themselves naturally? Do you know the signs of heat stroke? What can you do to help an overheated bird? Find out how to care for your hens during the dog days of summer. (Chicken-keeping class is a prerequisite.)

Light Brahma cockerel looking for good home

Aster is a juvenile, Buff Brahma about 8-9 weeks old. We believe that she is actually a he and are looking to re-home him so that he will have the freedom to act like a chicken. He is in good health, has been vaccinated, and is on organic feed.  We have also provided probiotics and electrolytes weekly as recommended. Aster lives with me and my family in our home, has been handled by us on a regular basis and as such has a mild temperament.  Whether hen or cockerel, Aster is a beautiful bird with a great personality, which has often been spoken of this breed.

WGN footage from Home to Roost’s live spot

WGN’s Paul, Pat, and staff made Maryann and me feel at ease during out segment today! You can watch the footage here.

Thanks to WGN for their interest in covering chickens and promoting my business. Check out the other tabs on my blog if you’re interested in learning more about Home to Roost’s services,  local chicken-keeping resources, classes (attending or hosting), and general chicken-related questions.


Look for Home to Roost on WGN, 5/25/16, around 9 AM

Tune into WGN tomorrow around 9 for a live interview! Should be a fun morning. Maryann the chicken will be joining me for the spot!

New press coverage

DNAinfo senior editor Justin Breen featured Home to Roost in a story today!

Happy reading!

Upcoming classes at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Sign up for my upcoming June chicken classes at the Chicago Botanic Garden!

Raising Backyard Chickens
Saturday, 6/4, 11am – 1pm

Chicken Coop Basics
Saturday, 6/4, 2 – 4pm

Summer Chicken Care
Saturday, 6/11, 1 – 3pm
You can also sign up for all three and SAVE!

pullet found 4055 N Kemore

Brown pullet with wings trimmed found in community garden in uptown (Irving and Sheridan), 4055 N Kenmore. Young. Loves people. Contact Susan: ask@animaliaproject.orgjoe-mazza-brave-lux-chicago-chicken (5) joe-mazza-brave-lux-chicago-chicken (7) joe-mazza-brave-lux-chicago-chicken (10) joe-mazza-brave-lux-chicago-chicken (14)


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